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Racers' Helper Application

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Slouchys Helper Application
What is your in-game name? Racers
How old are you? 18
What is your Discord? mark123 #6189
What timezone are you in? PST
What country do you live in? USA
What languages can you speak? Ukrainian, English
Are you able to capture evidence? (screenshots, screen recording software, etc.) Yes

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Over a year
Do you have any past experience as moderator/helper? No

Why do you want to be a helper on Slouchy’s? I have abilities to be able to catch and block out inappropriate actions/words, and I feel like as a moderator it would be cool to help out a server.
What do you offer that other applicants don’t? Reliability, I can also see if someone is cursing in another language.
How active can you be? Most mornings and nights, and Wednesdays
What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts: Team player, I notice things quickly, reliable. Weaknesses: I take a bit to learn new things sometimes, I sometimes need more explaining to understand something at first.

-Must be 16 years old at the time of applying
-Must be able to record and screenshot
-Must have discord
I meet all requirements
Anything else you would like to add? No
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